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Focused on Fitness Technology

Leading the Transformation
of the Fitness Industry.

A lifetime dedicated to creating innovative technology products & services
and building disruptive companies that have transformed industries and people's lives.

Jonathan C. Miller

Purpose-Driven, Lean, and Disruptive Co-Creator

The +30 years of experience creating innovative products and services at disruptive companies that transformed indsutries and became market leaders.

RETAIL: Federated/Macys (IPO), L Brands (IPO)
ADVERTISING: Flycast Communications (IPO/acqd by CMGi)
SOCIAL NETWORKING: Fortunecity (IPO), PeopleLink
GAMING: Playdom (acqd by Disney), Playtika (ACQ acqd by Caesars Entertainment)

My Purpose is to effect positive change in individual's quality of life, inspire them to do the same in their communities, leading to improvement of the Human Experience and Enviroment.

Focus on Fitness

Innovative fitness apps, devices, equipment and the disruptive companies
that enable fitness facilities, professionals and exercisers to achieve their goals.

A Proven Track-record of Success in the Fitness Industry
Fitmob acqd by Classpass, Fitstar acqd by Fitbit, Endomondo acqd by Under Armour Connected Fitness, Massive Health acqd by Jawbone, Virtual Active acqd by Netpulse (acqd by eGYM).

Purpose: Overcome the Global Obesity Crisis.







Forging the Future of Fitness

Fytns Group is leading the transformation of the fitness industry
by providing companies the tools and services they need to become market leaders.


Product/Market Fit - Growth
Fitness Ventures invests in disruptive fitness app, device, and equipment companies with innovative products that are transforming the fitness industry.


Idea - Product/Market Fit
Fitrepreneur provides early-stage fitness app, device, and equipment companies with everything they need to become market leaders.


Problem/Solution Fit - Growth
Fytns provides fitness app, device and equipment companies with enabling technologies that help them acquire and retain loyal customers.


Product/Market Fit - Growth
Ambient Fytns Technologies provides backend technology that powers some of the most innovative fitness technology products and services.


Peloton IPO

23 September 2019

It makes lazy people like me work out. That’s the genius of the Peloton bicycle. All you have to do is Velcro on the shoes and you’re trapped.

by Josh Constine @ TechCrunch

Fitstar acqd by Fitbit

5 March 2015

The wearable maker acquired FitStar, a startup which makes apps that helps motivate Fitbit customers to actually be more active.

by Ryan Lawyer @ TechCrunch

Classpass acquires Fitmob

24 April 2015

ClassPass, the subscription service for unlimited monthly fitness classes, has acquired direct competitor FitMob.

by Jordan Crook & Sarah Buhr @ TechCrunch

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