Process: Co-Creation

Without Co-Creation customers are only involved at specific points in the product development process.

Customer participation in the product development process has a direct relationship with product success.

Fitrepreneur Process Co-Creation

Companies that have implemented a customer-centric Co-Creation process, such a Amazon, LEGO, P&G, Virgin and Southwest Airlines, have more than doubled their product success rates.

Co-Creation is the collaboration with customers (and others) in the processes of innovation and development to ensure that products meet customer's needs and expectations along with delivering the best customer experience.

  • Customer ideas and feedback are gathered at multiple points throughout the Customer Experience.
  • Customers contribute to the creation of personas, journey maps, and job maps to gain a complete understanding of the Customer Experience.
  • JTBD and Design Thinking are processes where Customers collaborate to identify their most important problems and develop Business Models to solve their problems.
  • Customers and the product team work together to prioritize Business Models during the Problem/Solution process.
  • During the Lean Sprint process Customers participate in Experiments designed to validate and refine Business Models.

Benefits of Co-Creation:
- Gain a complete understanding of the customer and their journery
- Identify Customer's biggest problems and discover the best solutions
- Validate solutions before development
- Create solutions that meet customer's needs and expectations

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