Jonathan Miller

Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor Focused on Fitness Technology

Transformation of the Fitness Industry

I began my career transforming the retail industry with technology at Federated Department Stores / Macy's and The Limited Brands / Victoria's Secret. Subsequently revolutionizing the advertising industry with technology at Flycast Communications, transforming the way people interact at social networking companies The Fortunecity Network & PeopleLink and reimagining how people play at gaming companies Playdom & Playtika.

Fitrepreneur is leading the digital transformation of the fitness industry by enabling fitness technology companies to develop products that have an increasingly positive effect on a greater number of people than perviously imagined possible, facilitating exercisers in achieving results and fitness facilities & professionals to increase member retention & revenue.

Contributions to the Fitness Industry

I am the creator of the United Fytns, a system for fitness facilities & professionals that utilizes tech to increase retention & revenue, and Hybrid Fytns, a product development framework for fittech cos that guides decissions based on the strengths of fitness professionals & technology, producing more effective products.

Forging the Future of Fitness

I am the founder of FITREPRENEUR, a product development solution for early-stage fitness technology companies, based on the Hybrid Fytns Framework and the Continuous Feedback Product Development Process, which consists of an applications platform and business process management / intelligence system + extranet.

I am the founder of Fytns Group which creates technology solutions, based on United Fytns, for fitness facilities & professionals that increases member retention & revenue, and platform that enhances product performance, maximizes business performance and increases revenue for growth-stage fitntess technology companies.

Fytns Tech develops universal, cross-platform, technology for fittech cos and equipment manufacturers such as FytnsSUGAR for social, game, rewards & habits and FytnsIQ which turns exerciser data into actionable insights.

Combined FITREPRENEUR | FYTNS forms an ecosystem that is forging the next generation of fitness technology cos.

I founded and serve on the Board of Directors for Ambient Fytns Technology, I am the Co-founder (w/ my 8 y/o son, Jack) of iFitClub, the founder of and Master FitTech Trainer at Fitness Insider and the Fitness Insider Social Network, and I am a Limited Partner & serve as a Venture Partner at Fitness Ventures.

I am a FitDad, married, and a proud father of three boys; Jack, Nicholas & Elvis.

I am an avid Crossfit athlete, Tough Mudder, do Strala Yoga and enjoy Indoor Cycling. We eat clean, keep kosher and follow The Paleo Diet. And, I am a fanatic Self–Quantifier.

I am a certified Personal Trainer, Group Ex Instructor, have earned my Behavior Change Specialization and I am qualified as a DNAFit personal trainer.

I attended The Ohio State University (GO BUCKEYES!) where I received bachelor's degrees in Computer Science, Actuarial Science and Finance, and I earned my MBA / MA in International Studies with an emphasis on Finance from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

I am currently studying for a PhD in Captology (the design, research, & analysis of interactive computing products created for the purpose of changing people's behaviors) at Stanford University's Persuasive Technology Lab where I focus on the use of technology to effect behavior change related to health and fitness.

What's In My FitKit?

WORK: SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING so I use a Stir F1 Kenetic Standing Desk with a LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill and Technogym Active Sitting Wellness Ball.

CROSSFIT: With WODify I get my daily WOD, log results, track progress, compare, compete and stay connected with other Crossfit athletes.

EXERGAMING: I enjoying group indoor cycling with my friends around the globe on my Peloton Bike, maintain my martial arts form with a Nexersys Pro or challenge my body and stay big–wave–ready with my SURFSET Board.

DIGITAL: I do yoga with “The Coolest Yoga Instructor Ever,” Tara Stiles, on Fitstar, get fit with celebrity trainers or play a round of golf on Xbox Fitness, maintain my Hybrid–Training program with GAIN Fitness, Daily Burn or select any one of the hundreds of fitness apps on my Apple TV.

APPS: My favorite apps include; MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, Pokemon GO, Fitocracy, PumpUp, EveryMove, WODbox, and more!

QUANTIFY: I wear a Jawbone UP, use the UP app to manage my Polyphasic sleep cycle and my dashboard is Record from Under Armour Connected Fitness.

Fitrepreneur Cos


United Fytns

United Fytns

United Fytns is a system which creates technology solutions for fitness facilities & professionals that increases member retention by +80% and revenue by +35%.

Huybrid Fytns

Hybrid Fytns

Hybrid Fytns is a product development framework for fittech cos that guides decissions based on the strengths of fitness professionals & technology, producing more effective products.

Continuous Feedback Product Development

Product Development Evolved
The notion of product development having a beginning and an end is obsolete.
Continuously capture requirements, define & prioritize features and develop products your customers want.


Ambient Fytns Technology

Ambient Fytns Tech

Ambient Fytns Technology develops next-generation cognitive, intuitive & intelligent algorithms along with social & gamification technology for the health & fitness industry.



FITREPRENEUR is a product development solution for early-stage fitness technology companies, that provides the knowledge, processes & tools to deliver the products your cutomers want.

Fytns Group

Fytns Group

Fytns is a group of companies which create technology solutions for fitness facilities & professionals that increase retention & revenue and enhance products, improve business performance & increase revenue for fittech cos.

Fitness Insider

Fitness Insider

Fitness Insider connects fitness professionals to a dynamic network of info, people & ideas. We quickly & accurately deliver, news & analytics.



iFitClub is an Interactive Exergame Studio, Youth Fitness Community and Clean Food Cafe – a fun place for kids to meet, get fit and have fun.

Fitness Ventures

Fitness Ventures

Fitness Ventures is a global innovation, incubation and venture capital firm, funded by and partnered with the leading brands in the fitness industry.

FitTech News

Latest news in digital fitness.

facebook on website

Gartner says a gamified service for consumer goods marketing & customer retention will become as important as Facebook, eBay or Amazon, & more than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application.

Social, Game & Habits

Socialization, Gamification and Habit Formation
Are the Foundation of Fitness Success.

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Social support, by a group of peers with common interests and goals, has been proven to be an effective tool for assisting people in achieveing results.

Beyond, friends & groups, sharing & streams, fittech must create awareness amongst a group when an individual needs support or acknowledgement, and facilitate meaningful actions.

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Applying game mechanics and game design techniques empowers people on a base level, stimulating the brain to release of dopamine, to achieve their goals.

Gamification has the power to tap into the basic desires and needs of a user. Applied properly, gamification has the ability to engage, motivate and empower individuals to excell and exceed.

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Habit Formation

Long–term results mandate Lifestyle Change.

Achieving lasting results requires breaking bad habits and forming new, positive habits.

At the Stanford Pursuasive Tech Lab we have identified 15 ways behavior can change, mapped out Six Elements of Simplicity and have developed Hot Triggers for changing behavior.

Insights & Analysis

Information, Insights and Analysis that give
FITREPRENEURcollective Member Companies a Competitive Advantage.


State of Fitness 2017

An Exclusive Report for FITREPRENEURcollective Member Companies

Technology is Transforming the Fitness Industry

Technology's transformation of the fitness industry creates many challenges and opportunities for fitness facilities, their suppliers and comapnies that produce FitTech.

This year fitness technology will move from the would be nice to the Must Have category.

It is important that fitness facilities and their suppliers understand the effects technology is having on the industry and are prepared for the challenges and opportunities faced by their businesses.


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